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Givans Taekwondo Antioch & North Las Vegas


Givans Taekwondo has been serving the community of Antioch California since 2004. We have just expanded to another location in North Las Vegas. They will learn all that Traditional Taekwondo and Olympic Sports Taekwondo (Sparring) has to offer and more. They will also learn Discipline, Respect and the value of hard work.

Taekwondo training at Givans teaches students discipline and respect. Our program allows students to advance from a white belt all the way to a black belt. The program is geared towards Olympic sparring and allows students to compete in tournaments nationally and globally.  Givans Taekwondo is the only studio in Nevada that offers training with National Team Coaches as well as instructors who have won medals in national and global competitions. Givans Taekwondo results are among the highest one can achieve in the great sport of Taekwondo.


We have found that our programs not only encourage a healthy lifestyle and fitness goals, but taekwondo also builds self-confidence, motivation and focus within each of our students. Families involved with our programs know that it takes dedication and hard work to achieve a “Givans Taekwondo Lifestyle”. We instill the philosophy that Taekwondo can be practiced for exercise and self-defense but also assists those that may be experiencing bullying, attention disorders, fatigue syndromes or low self-esteem by teaching them how to handle each situation in a non-violent, concentrated manner.

We are a full fitness and training center for Taekwondo. Las Vegas deserves the best students and instructors taekwondo has to offer. Givans Taekwondo will always strive to be the best. Providing top instructors for our students. You will learn taekwondo under the instruction of one of the best in the sport to ever compete. We all want to learn from the best… At Givans Taekwondo you have the best.


Mission Statement

Here at the Givans Taekwondo Academy, we provide discipline, confidence, and respect for all students. Our primary focus is to impact proficiency while instilling the value of Traditional Taekwondo. We are passionate about developing our students to become great members of our committee.



Where everyone is treated like family



Come in and visit our State of the Art Facilities (Antioch Location)



Come in and visit our State of the Art Facilities (N. Las Vegas Location)


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